Settings profiles

A settings profile is a collection of settings grouped under the same name. Each ClickHouse user has a profile. To apply all the settings in a profile, set the profile setting.


Install the web profile.

SET profile = 'web'

Settings profiles are declared in the user config file. This is usually users.xml.


<!-- Settings profiles -->
    <!-- Default settings -->
        <!-- The maximum number of threads when running a single query. -->

    <!-- Settings for quries from the user interface -->








The example specifies two profiles: default and web. The default profile has a special purpose: it must always be present and is applied when starting the server. In other words, the default profile contains default settings. The web profile is a regular profile that can be set using the SET query or using a URL parameter in an HTTP query.

Settings profiles can inherit from each other. To use inheritance, indicate the profile setting before the other settings that are listed in the profile.